Saturday, November 24, 2012

North Pole Breakfast 2012!


It is that time of year again and Herbie our family elf is back with a huge breakfast treat!  He asked for some help to prepare this feast and I agreed.  He setup a few things and I did the rest and we all had a great breakfast with lots of sweet treats!!!
I premade a lot of the food making it easier in the morning to make Tree Waffles & Bacon tree trunks.

The setup was very festive...

The treats were overflowing!!!!

The kids had a blast with the food and gifts that were left for them...

Bella made elf sized Donuts and dressed up for the Party...

We also had our own picture time!!!!

What a fun time and now we have lots of memories already this season...
Can't wait to see what tricks and treats our Herbie has in store for us!!!

I love these little elf gift boxes I found!!!

I got all the ELF paper goods, treat boxes, treat buckets, ELF Suckers, ELF Shot glasses & Photo Banner from Oriental Trading
I got the other solid and polk a dot paper goods and silverware at Walmart
I got the ELF gift boxes from the Christmas Tree Shop
I got the large standing elf from the Christmas Tree Shop
I got the recipes for donuts, christmas tree waffles, etc from Pinterest
I found the free printables from Pinterest (I laminate these to keep also)

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