Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is in the Air... Easter Time

Easter Decoration Time!!!
Since St. Patrick's Day is over it is now time to decorate for Easter.  It feels like I just put up St. Patrick's day stuff the other day.  Since Easter and St. Patrick's Day are in the same month each holiday only gets about 15 days of decorations... I really wish there was a little more time for both holidays to have the decorations up a little bit longer... We are almost into the long stretch of no holidays to decorate for...
I got most decorations from The Christmas Tree Shop, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Target, and the Dollar Tree.  The Christmas Tree Shop is my favorite.  They have all holidays, great prices, and things I never see anywhere else.  I got the printable banners from Pinterest.
Here is my Easter Decorations for 2013.  I add a little each year.


My "H" Large Egg

Dining Table


Cute Chair Backs


Entry Table

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pot O'Gold Breakfast, and St. Patrick's Day Goodies

Getting Ready For our Annual Pot O'Gold Breakfast!!!

Updated Entry Decor for St. Patrick's Day
Getting the Table Ready... Decor from Party City, The Christmas Tree Shop, and Target.

Goodies from the Leprechaun...
Green Items for the Kids Include:
Socks, Hair Bows, Glow Necklace, Glasses, Buttons, Pencils, Nails, Nail Stickers, Glitter Stickers, Mustache, Mug, Green Candies, Boxers, Tie, Hat, Beach Ball, Etc...
I was able to get most of the green items at Target, Party City, and the Christmas Tree Shop...

MARCH 16, 2013... Leprechaun Trap!!!
The kids made their trap, and set it up in hopes that they would catch the Leprechaun and his GOLD!
St. Patrick's Day!!! March 17, 2013

No Leprechaun was caught, but he liked the trap so he left Green Goodies for us all!!!

The 2013 Pot O'Gold Breakfast...

Everything is ready to go for the Annual Pot O'Gold Breakfast...

Free Printables I used this year can be found here:

Most of my setup came from St. Patrick's Day Pins from my board here:

Stores where I got most items this year:
Party City, The Christmas Tree Shop, Dollar Tree, and the Target Dollar Spot...