Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas in July

In the middle of the hot summer I always think about the refreshing cold of winter and the joys of Christmas!!!  What brings the joys of Christmas?  Christmas in July!!  This is how we celebrate Christmas in July.  I make a festive dinner table with Christmas Themed foods and treats.  This year I found that Bahama Bucks sells 60 snowballs for less than $15 in a cooler and I decided it would be a fun activity this year, and it was!
I found a few of my pinterest items that I make during December, and added a few new items.
I made Peppermint Christmas Tree Meringues
I also created a Christmas Marbled Dome Cupcake topper
I also made a snowman cheeseball
And Strawberries
We had frozen hot chocolate
We had our snowball fight
We had a lot of fun with the snowballs!!!
If you can I recommend getting the 60 pack of snowballs from Bahama Bucks.



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