Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014 - Pot O'Gold Breakfast

2014 Pot O'Gold Breakfast!!!
This year I was super excited to find the Green Lucky Charms Box at my local Target!!!
My table really has a lot of green on it, but thats what the offical color is so here we go!!!
Here are my place settings...
Everyone got a small pot o'gold filled with yellow bubble gum, and gold chocolate coins.  A Green Hat to wear, and a White and Green Bubble Gum tube.

The kids place settings with their Green Goodie Bags filled with anything I could find green like Mike & Ike, Shirts, Socks, Hair Bow, Nail Stickers, Green gum packs, etc...

It was early so they are still asleep...

And for Dinner I found these Ravioli in Clovers and Pots of Gold!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

How I set a Thanksgiving Table...

It was my year to Host the family Thanksgiving Dinner so I set out on have a great table setup for the Holiday...
Main Table

Kids Table Settings
Main Turkey Table
Place Settings


Grinch Themed Dinner for Christmas Time!!!

One of my favorite holiday movies is The Grinch...  A couple years ago I saw some post where people would host a themed dinner during December and have a WhoFeast and more... I thought what a fabulous idea so this is my take on it...

First I started with my sign/invatation and table settings:
I do go a little over the top when it comes to fun family dinners!!!
Plus I really love the GRINCH!
I tried my best to get the perfect Grinch color scheme...
Grinch Punch (Found on Pinterest)
Grinch Dinner included Rare Roast Beast (Turkey)
WhoPudding (Pinterest)
WhoHash (Pinterest)
Grinch Cookies (Sugar cookie, lime green chocolate melts, red chocolate melt hearts)
Green Beans (just beacuse they are GREEN)
Place Settings
Grinch Table
My GRINCH Cookies...

North Pole Breakfast 2013!!!

I was not thrilled with with colors I had to use this year... I am a Red & Green kind of girl when it comes to Christmas stuff, but last year when everything clearanced this is what I could find... So I went with it.  Next year I am hoping we can go back to Red & Green!!!
Goodies for everyone... New elf ornaments, candy, and more candy!!!
Here were the kids place setting... Winter Wonderland

They are always happy to get a great breakfast and goodies at any age!
Breakfast was Christmas Tree Waffles
Bella was also there from Grandma's house bringing goodies too!!

Christmas Shirts for everyone!!! 

Fun and Food a plenty!

Okay so I prob over did it a little but I just love themed breakfast, lunch, or dinners...
Christmas is always fun to celebrate this time of year...

He hates photos, but he loves food and free gifts so he participates even as a teen.  What more can I ask for really??

Ended with Fun Elf photos!!!

 It was a great time for everyone...
Cant wait for next years North Pole Breakfast!!!