Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Clearance... Get Ready for 2013 Christmas NOW!

This is the time of year that I get a little BLUE because Christmas is over, but put on a happy face and get to the stores to get CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE for next Christmas...

I have already strted planning my North Pole Breakfast for 2013!!! I got the paper goods on CLEARANCE!!! So here they are:

I usually go all RED& GREEN, but this set was too cute to pass up with the North Pole Sign and all!!! It was found at Walmart.  Here are a few items I also got for the 2013 North Pole Breakfast:

I may go back to see if I can get the Santa cups that match better, and see if I can find blue straws...

Here is some of my loot for GOODIE BAGS, and CRAFT TIME!!!
Scentos Markers & Bubbles, Reindeer Pen, Christmas Bulb Pen, Hand Tattoos, Vinyl Crafts, Christmas Jewlery, Glitter Tattoos, Grow a Christmas Tree, Grow a Stocking, Ornament Crafts, and MORE!!

I do the 25 Days of Christmas Activities starting December 1.  I get my crafts and goodies from the CLEARANCE sections from the year before...  I pick up most things while they are 50-75% off with the exception of candies.  I get paper goods for my cookie exchange, Christmas themed breakfast, Grinch dinner, and north pole breakfast if I can...  I get Christmas crafts, jewelry making kits, and stuff for goodie bags.  I also pick up things to use for our Elf on the Shelf Herbie...  This year I found Wine Aprons that are a perfect size for a Elf!  I also found a hat and scarf set for him.

Here are the Wine Aprons that Fit our Elf so Perfectly!  So Yes I got all 4!!! I mean for $1.69 these are cute, but 75% off they are FABULOUS!

And His new Hat & Scarf Set... $1.69 regular price, but it was 75% off

Crafts for Next Christmas all 70-75% off!!!


Items for Goodie Bags 75% off

Here is where I shopped today:

Michael's - 70% off all Christmas.  I got Crafts, and Goodie Bag Items.
Hobby Lobby - 66% off all Christmas.  I got Goodie Bag Items.
The Christmas Tree Store - 75% off Christmas.  I got Wine Bottle Aprons, Hat & Scarf Sets for our Elf.

TOMORROW I AM HOPING Walmart goes 75% off... I will get paper goods, crafts, beauty items, goodie bag items.  I buy beauty items at Walmart and Target to use for Easter and Valentine's day or extra gifts...  I always have a back stock of items I can use for birthday parties, goodie bags, stockings, other small holidays.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at DIsney 2012!!!!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YEAR!!!

Especially when you are spending it in DISNEY!!!

I was so excited to return to Disney for Christmas this year.  I took my first family Disney trip in the summer of 2007 and fell in love before I ever entered a park... So in 2008 we took the Disney Cruise, and in 2009 went to Disney for Christmas.  In 2010 we stayed on Disney property and went to Universal Studios, and now back for Christmas in Disney 2012!!!  We plan our trips far in advance so you have almost the entire year to countdown to going...  This year we got to visit the new Fantasyland and the new Beast Castle!!!

We got to eat at Be Our Guest!

And get Photo Ops with BEAST!
I was very impressed with the design of the new addition and it totally lived up to my expectations!!! We got to eat in the forbidden West Wing where the Rose was stored.  The food was exceptional, and the atmosphere was excellent.  Disney has outdone themselves once again!!!  The new fantasyland was also beautiful with new rides and a double dumbo... Instead of waiting in line you get to play until it is your turn to ride if you are a child anyway... Excellent concept.

We stayed at the NEW Art of Animation Resort in the Cars Family Suite... It was great!  The rooms were large with two bathrooms, 3 beds, and a kitchette.
We always have to get our Mickey Face Pretzel!!

We also always do the early bird character breakfast so we can be in the park first!!!! My favorite breakfast is either Chef Mickeys or the Animal Kingdom Character Breakfast

The Desserts are always to die for!!!!!

This year we came back to the Osborne Spectical of Lights which is always AWESOME!  I just love the dancing lights to music...
Each park has their Christmas Trees fully decorated in Theme!!!
The rides are Fun for the Whole Family!

The Cinderella's Royal Table Breakfast is another one of my Favorites!  Plus you get in the Park first!!!!

Every Year we visit we take the same photos!!! Boy how my kids have grown! Top is 2012 Bottom is 2007!!!!

We had a blast.  Disney is always Perfect no matter the weather, but Christmas is my favorite!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas in Disney... The Most Wonderful Time of the YEAR!

Christmas in Disney!!

We are getting ready for our Christmas Trip to Disney World!!!  We were there for Christmas in 2009 and I have been dying to go back for Christmas Time ever since.  I am a huge Disney Fan, and Princess Fan!  So much so that I decorate for Christmas Totally in Disney Stuff!!! My entire tree is Disney ONLY ornaments!  I have dated ornaments all the way back to 1998 when I got married!! My First trip to Disney World was in 2007 with my family and my parents, then a Disney Cruise in 2008, and Christmas in Disney World in 2009, Universal & Disney in 2010, and BACK to Disney World for Christmas 2012!!!

When we went for Christmas in 2009 we stayed at the Moderate Resort level, did deluxe dinning, went to the MVMCP, Candlelight Processional, Osborne Spectacle of Lights, and every Holiday Activity we could find.  It was the BEST TRIP EVER!!! 

This year we booked our hotel reservations at the new Value resort Art of Animation in regular Little Mermaid Rooms... When what to my wondering eyes should appear but an EXCELLENT upgrade to the Family Suites for us ALL!!!  The only thing we changed about our plans this year was missing the MVMCP...

Day 1: Arrive around Noon and make way to Downtown Disney for SHOPPING at the Days of Christmas Store (MY FAVORITE) then GIRLY time at the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique, more shopping, then Dinner at the T Rex Cafe...
Day 2: Magic Kingdom - Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table!!! This is one of my most favorite meals that includes a family photos like the one above!!!  Off to the rides.... Then Dinner at BE OUR GUEST!  I waited on hold forever to get this reservation and I am so excited for this!!! Then the parade and watching the castle come to life with Christmas Lights!!!
Day 3: Hollywood Studios – A fun filled day of rides and shows and EXCITEMENT! After dark we will see the Osborne Spectacle of Lights!
Day 4:Epcot – We have reservations to the Candlelight Processional which is a AWESOME show narrated by a variety of famous people…
Day 5: Animal Kingdom – MY FAVORITE BREAKFAST OF ALL TIME!!! Buffet Character Breakfast with Mickey and Friends… I Love this breakfast the most!!!! BACON and SAUSAGE and PASTRIES O MY!!!
Day 6: Downtown to finish our shopping…Then HOME L

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cookie Exchange!!!

Time to bake your FAVORITE cookies and SWAP with your friends so you not only have your cookies but several others... Makes it so much easier to have a large spread of different cookies to share with your family!!!
Today was our 3rd Annual Cookies Exchange and there was several new cookies and some favorites from past years!!!
Found some free printables from Pinterest and made the Banners, Signs, Tags, Etc...
Our Matching Family Aprons

LOTS of Cookies!!!!

Sausage Wreath and Candy Cane Sandwich Snacks & Candy Candy Punch


Thursday, December 6, 2012

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Themed Night!!!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Themed Night!!!

I was excited to find this idea on Pinterest and then I added my own twist.  I made a menu, sign, place cards, and used Red & Green paper goods.  I had a Grinch Activity Book I found last year after Christmas to make my table complete!!!

I downloaded the Grinch Font and found Grinch Clip Art to Create a sign... Then Made A Menu

Table Setting:

Who Pudding, Rare Roast Beast (Ham), Who Hash (Hash Recipe), & Grinch Punch (I added cherries and the syrup which made it pink so then I added green sugar sprinkles)

Then I "Grinched" some photos for fun!!!

We had a BLAST with Dinner and then we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and did some activities from the Grinch Activity Books.  This was how we spent the 5th day of our Christmas Activities...  This was my first Grinch Themed Dinner and now it will be added to our activities for years to come.

Who Pudding:
Who Hash:
Grinch Punch: (I added Cherries and the Syrup to mine)
Rare Roast Beast: We just did a Glazed Ham, but you can make any meat or main course...

Here is a link to my menu, table sign, and table tents:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Herbie has Arrived... What our Elf on the Shelf is up to so far...

Herbie our Elf on the Shelf updates...

Day 1: Hello Again!!! I brought Treats from Santa (Santa Hat Kisses)

Day 2: Welcome Breakfast with Friends (Murphy & Bella joined us)

Day 3: Rock'n Around The Christmas Tree

Day 4: Photo Fun in our Photo Prop!! Then Herbie Found a super long straw to drink from.

Day 5: Roasting Marshmallows

Day 6: Herbie made a Elf Sized Gingerbread House and gave the kids supplies to make their own!

Day 7: Photo Shoot

Day 8: It's way too HOT in Texas so he is chilling out

Day 9: Time to Trim the Tree

Day 10: Decored his tree, hung his stocking, and his wreath (All Elf Sized)

Day 11:  Hanging out in the Decorations.

Day 12:  Building a Snowman!!!

Day 13: Planting Magic Santa Seeds

Day 14: Treats from Santa Seeds & Herbie Counting Down the Days

Day 15: O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, O Wait That's ME!!!

Day 16: Getting into the Goodies

Day 17: Photo Prop Fun!

Day 18: Hiding in the Stockings

Day 19: Elf Sized Food!!!

Day 20: Attack of the Army Men

Day 21: Zipline tour of the House

Day 22:  Doing the DIRTY work!!!


Back Home on Christmas Eve, but Herbie misses Disney too!

BYE Herbie See you next Year!!!

Lots more to come so check back to see Herbie's Adventures!