Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Herbie has Arrived... What our Elf on the Shelf is up to so far...

Herbie our Elf on the Shelf updates...

Day 1: Hello Again!!! I brought Treats from Santa (Santa Hat Kisses)

Day 2: Welcome Breakfast with Friends (Murphy & Bella joined us)

Day 3: Rock'n Around The Christmas Tree

Day 4: Photo Fun in our Photo Prop!! Then Herbie Found a super long straw to drink from.

Day 5: Roasting Marshmallows

Day 6: Herbie made a Elf Sized Gingerbread House and gave the kids supplies to make their own!

Day 7: Photo Shoot

Day 8: It's way too HOT in Texas so he is chilling out

Day 9: Time to Trim the Tree

Day 10: Decored his tree, hung his stocking, and his wreath (All Elf Sized)

Day 11:  Hanging out in the Decorations.

Day 12:  Building a Snowman!!!

Day 13: Planting Magic Santa Seeds

Day 14: Treats from Santa Seeds & Herbie Counting Down the Days

Day 15: O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, O Wait That's ME!!!

Day 16: Getting into the Goodies

Day 17: Photo Prop Fun!

Day 18: Hiding in the Stockings

Day 19: Elf Sized Food!!!

Day 20: Attack of the Army Men

Day 21: Zipline tour of the House

Day 22:  Doing the DIRTY work!!!


Back Home on Christmas Eve, but Herbie misses Disney too!

BYE Herbie See you next Year!!!

Lots more to come so check back to see Herbie's Adventures!


  1. Love these ideas! How did you do the tiny gingerbread house?
    Side note: My maiden name is Howell & my first name is Aimee...its not often you see another Aimee Howell especially spelled the same!

    1. I found that little gingerbread house at my Dollar Tree... it was near the cash register and as soon as I saw it I grabbed it thinking it would be great for our elf. I got the scarf from the Christmas Tree Shops in a wine bottle set. The mini tree, and wreath are from Hobby Lobby along with the decorations. The stocking was from Party City.

  2. What did you use for the white on the door for the "see you later" message?

  3. I use plastic wrap and wrap our elf completely. Then I stick him to the window and use the spray snow in a can and write the message.

  4. Very crafty Aimee! This is will be our 2nd year doing the Elf on the Shelf (my son is 3) and I don't like him doing mischievous things because I feel it sends my son the wrong message - plus, I would have to clean up the messes! I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What did you use on the glass one that says See ya next year?

    1. Oh, never mind I see someone else asked that same question above... LOL.