Friday, January 11, 2013

Love is in the Air!!!

It's is almost time for Valentine's Day and I was reflecting on the things I did last year to celebrate!!!  I am starting to decorate my house already and I have a few projects planned from my Valentine's Day Pinterest Board:

Last Year I saw a Valentine Photo Shoot on Pinterest and did one myself...  I got felt craft hearts from Michaels, but I saw them everywhere.  Arranged them on the wall and dressed my daughter in her pink dress and her red dress for a fun photo shoot.  This year I may go bigger on the Heart back ground.  The photos were fun and turned out great.  I plan on doing it again this year as well!!

Last year my daughter was still in Elementary School where she really only had one main teacher that we both really liked so for Valentine's Day we made her a Candy Tree.  I had the pot, and bought a styrofoam cone from the Dollar Tree, inserted the candy from Walmart with stick pins, and this is what I got!!! The Sucker was from Walmart and I saw them there again this year.  I think I will make one for the front office this year since my daughter is an office aide and it will make a nice decoration to the front office.

These were the Valentine's My daughter handed out last year.  I got the printable from Pinterest, and the mold from Michaels with a coupon along with the chocolate melts...  We made milk chocolate for the boys and pink chocolate for the girls...  My daughter came home telling me they were a big hit and the class next door saw them and really wanted them.  They were fun!  We kept the leftovers and played with them and ate them!

I am also into the themed breakfast with the family.  I had the heart egg mold and used a heart cookie cutter for the toast...  The kids always like the fun things I make for the holidays.  I also did the heart cinnamon rolls from Pinterest for them, and those are SUPER easy...

I saw something similar to these on Pottery Barn Kids and thought I could make those myself... Felt Valentine Mailboxes that go on the back of your chairs and you can fill them daily with notes or candy.  I had my mother put their names on them and I thought they turned out cute.

This is my Entry Table that I decorate for each Holiday... Someone has eaten most of the candy already so I might be replacing with table scatter from the Dollar Tree soon!!! I downloaded the printables from Pinterest, got the small heart vase, and hearts on a stick, sign, and glitter garland from the Dollar Tree.

My Valentine Deco Mesh Wreath!!! Deco Mesh from a shop in Canton and Decor from the Christmas Tree Shop...

More Decor... Printable from Pinterest and Heart Dishes from Target years ago.

My Valentine's Fireplace... Still a work in Progress.  Red Cinnamon Candles on clearance after Christmas from Walmart, Garland and hanging Heart from Dollar Tree, and Heart Candle Holders with Heart Table Scatter, and Valentine Mailboxes on Candlesticks (These still need to be decorated)

Closer look at candle holders and unfinished Mailboxes...

Now that the mailboxes are glued to the candlesticks and dry it is time to Decorate them!!!

These are the backs of the mailboxes... Finishing Touches will be adding our initials on the fronts...

DONE!!! I am very happy with how they turned out... Mailboxes from Target Dollar Spot, Candlesticks from Dollar Tree, Foam decorating hearts from Michael's and Glitter Letters from Michael's... Now on to the Fireplace!!

Now they are on display and ready for messages and treats...

2013 Valentine Photo Shoot... Thanks to my Sister in Law who set up and took all the photos!!! They turned out great...

This year we had some Valentine Themed meals... Mini Heart Pizzas made from heart cookie cutters, Heart Pancakes, and more!
Valentine Mini Heart Pizzas...

Valentine Red Velvet Heart Pancakes

More Valentine Pancakes

Valentine Mailboxes with a few gifts from my Cupid!!!!

Fun with Hearts!!!

I bought some cheap Dollar Tree Heart decorations and put them on the wall and then you have a quick and easy valentine backdrop!

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