Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Clearance... Get Ready for 2013 Christmas NOW!

This is the time of year that I get a little BLUE because Christmas is over, but put on a happy face and get to the stores to get CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE for next Christmas...

I have already strted planning my North Pole Breakfast for 2013!!! I got the paper goods on CLEARANCE!!! So here they are:

I usually go all RED& GREEN, but this set was too cute to pass up with the North Pole Sign and all!!! It was found at Walmart.  Here are a few items I also got for the 2013 North Pole Breakfast:

I may go back to see if I can get the Santa cups that match better, and see if I can find blue straws...

Here is some of my loot for GOODIE BAGS, and CRAFT TIME!!!
Scentos Markers & Bubbles, Reindeer Pen, Christmas Bulb Pen, Hand Tattoos, Vinyl Crafts, Christmas Jewlery, Glitter Tattoos, Grow a Christmas Tree, Grow a Stocking, Ornament Crafts, and MORE!!

I do the 25 Days of Christmas Activities starting December 1.  I get my crafts and goodies from the CLEARANCE sections from the year before...  I pick up most things while they are 50-75% off with the exception of candies.  I get paper goods for my cookie exchange, Christmas themed breakfast, Grinch dinner, and north pole breakfast if I can...  I get Christmas crafts, jewelry making kits, and stuff for goodie bags.  I also pick up things to use for our Elf on the Shelf Herbie...  This year I found Wine Aprons that are a perfect size for a Elf!  I also found a hat and scarf set for him.

Here are the Wine Aprons that Fit our Elf so Perfectly!  So Yes I got all 4!!! I mean for $1.69 these are cute, but 75% off they are FABULOUS!

And His new Hat & Scarf Set... $1.69 regular price, but it was 75% off

Crafts for Next Christmas all 70-75% off!!!


Items for Goodie Bags 75% off

Here is where I shopped today:

Michael's - 70% off all Christmas.  I got Crafts, and Goodie Bag Items.
Hobby Lobby - 66% off all Christmas.  I got Goodie Bag Items.
The Christmas Tree Store - 75% off Christmas.  I got Wine Bottle Aprons, Hat & Scarf Sets for our Elf.

TOMORROW I AM HOPING Walmart goes 75% off... I will get paper goods, crafts, beauty items, goodie bag items.  I buy beauty items at Walmart and Target to use for Easter and Valentine's day or extra gifts...  I always have a back stock of items I can use for birthday parties, goodie bags, stockings, other small holidays.

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