Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gearing up for the 25 Days of Christmas!!

Christmas is my most favorite time of year.  I wait all year for this time of year!  Every year I like to do the 25 Days of Christmas Activities to get everyone in the Christmas Spirit.  These things can be big or small.  We do crafts, baking, watch Christmas Movies, drive around to look at Holiday lights, etc...  I have a craft item for almost every night thanks to 75% off clearanced stuff from the previous years.  Last year I believe I went overboard at the 75% off sales and we could have started Christmas Crafts in the Summer!  I make a Calendar each December that list what we do.  I also have a index card calendar that shows what we did on that day each year and I put photos from that day with each index card so we can see what we did each year.

We decorate the upstairs tree and start our advent calendars on Day 1, then continue with crafts, games, baking, and fun throughout the month.  One of my favorites is making RED & GREEN dinner.  You can find red & green nacho chips at World Market, Kroger, or Aldi in December.  Cheap craft activities are at Michaels, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Target.  I also do little goodie bags that I put the craft activities and a goodie each day.  Party City, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Michaels carry items that are inexpensive that I use like stickers, candy, socks, and pens.

Day 1 We Decorated the Upstairs Tree, Received Advent Calendars, and Family Game Night with pin the nose on the Reindeer.
Day 2 We went to Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie for our annual drive around Joe Pool Lake to look at the Christmas Light Displays.
Day 3 We made Clay Holiday Figures, and Chain Garland all while watching Christmas Vacation!
Day 4 We wrote Santa Letters & made our Wish List, and Painted Holiday Disney Characters to get ready for our up coming trip to Disney!!!
Day 5 Grinch Night!!!! Grinch Dinner, Watched the Grinch, and did Grinch Activity Pads...
Day 6 Family Game Night!!! Christmas BINGO!

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  1. That’s a fantastic plan! I am saving this post. This time my cousin is planning a Christmas party and we all are going to her place for that. This is going to be fun. I will share this post with her as well. We might go out to one of the venues in Chicago for dance party as well. This is something we are going to add in this list.