Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014 - Pot O'Gold Breakfast

2014 Pot O'Gold Breakfast!!!
This year I was super excited to find the Green Lucky Charms Box at my local Target!!!
My table really has a lot of green on it, but thats what the offical color is so here we go!!!
Here are my place settings...
Everyone got a small pot o'gold filled with yellow bubble gum, and gold chocolate coins.  A Green Hat to wear, and a White and Green Bubble Gum tube.

The kids place settings with their Green Goodie Bags filled with anything I could find green like Mike & Ike, Shirts, Socks, Hair Bow, Nail Stickers, Green gum packs, etc...

It was early so they are still asleep...

And for Dinner I found these Ravioli in Clovers and Pots of Gold!!!


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