Thursday, March 6, 2014

North Pole Breakfast 2013!!!

I was not thrilled with with colors I had to use this year... I am a Red & Green kind of girl when it comes to Christmas stuff, but last year when everything clearanced this is what I could find... So I went with it.  Next year I am hoping we can go back to Red & Green!!!
Goodies for everyone... New elf ornaments, candy, and more candy!!!
Here were the kids place setting... Winter Wonderland

They are always happy to get a great breakfast and goodies at any age!
Breakfast was Christmas Tree Waffles
Bella was also there from Grandma's house bringing goodies too!!

Christmas Shirts for everyone!!! 

Fun and Food a plenty!

Okay so I prob over did it a little but I just love themed breakfast, lunch, or dinners...
Christmas is always fun to celebrate this time of year...

He hates photos, but he loves food and free gifts so he participates even as a teen.  What more can I ask for really??

Ended with Fun Elf photos!!!

 It was a great time for everyone...
Cant wait for next years North Pole Breakfast!!!

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